Email blocking not working?

Not sure if this is a bug, therefore posting it in #support

Issue: Although emailaddress has been blocked on 29.12.2020, a new account with the same emailaddress has been created on 13.08.2021.

Same procedure again, block email on 13.08.2021, but a new account has been created on 16.08.2021

Date IP Username email
16-Aug-21 110.a.b.c username
13-Aug-21 110.a.d.e username
29-Dec-20 94.f.g.h

Why is someone able to create a new account with this emailaddress two times after it has been blocked?

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This might be the same issue I had before: Blocked Canonical Gmails - Issue

Deleting the email block record and blocking it again made the non-working rule start working again for me. Seemed to be an issue with older email block records.