"email domains blacklist" should be removed from filtration

I’ve found that while the “email domains blacklist” is super useful, I don’t believe it should be displayed directly within the Settings interface. The reason is that when you use the filter function and if you have a large blacklist, it takes the system longer to filter/search for keywords. I use a list available on GitHub that’s quite extensive with several thousand entries and this does slow things down quite a bit when hunting for things.

It might simply be best to define this blacklist via the app.yaml or another config file.

Doing so would require ssh access and a reload/rebuild.

Does that sound practical to require administrators to do on active sites?

Yes, it does to me, but perhaps I’m an oddball? Otherwise it should go into its own tab OR simply excluded from filtering so that to find it one would just have to use a label keyword such as “blacklist”.

Maybe you should consider not using such a large list, which is probably pointless.

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