Email FG/BG colors not taking effect

Hi all,

Are the settings ’ email accent bg color` & ‘email accent fg color’ working?

I still get blue ‘Visit Topic’ buttons and font in the email when I have set the above to orange & white.

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Yes, they do work

What values are you adding, and how are you testing to see if this is working for you?


Thankyou for your reply,

The settings I am using are:

email accent fg color: #FFFFFF
email accent bg color: #FF765D

In the ‘preview digest’ everything looks great.

I am testing by replying to a topic and getting other users to reply back. As this email chain was started before I changed the email colors, could this be why I am not seeing the colors update?

I see the default blue like so: Dropbox - Link not found

Many thanks for your help

Hi Rob

OK, this is something I will need to look into internally.

The settings you are changing and testing are used (mainly) for the digest emails. These are working, correct?

What you are referring to here, are the buttons in notification emails. These are, it seems, unaffected by that variable. These buttons probably should take either the site settings, or the digest settings.

Maybe @neil can comment on whether this is expected behaviour? How can we style the ‘Visit Topic’ button in notification emails?


Looking at the code, it should be using the " email link color", but that doesn’t work either. So I’m not sure if this ever worked.


I made a fix to use those colour settings instead of hard-coded blue.



Thanks so much for looking into this guys


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