Email Hostname Certificate Mismatch Causing sidekiq Queue Overload, Severe Site Instability

@RBoy, I appreciate the mention, but please don’t conflate the issues. I momentarily thought that I might have been affected by both issues, but was not. I am dealing only with properly-configured mail servers and am unaffected by this change.


I pointed it it since both issues started after the upgrade to beta4 (ruby upgrade from what I can see) and the both are related to email and there may be some correlation. It sounds like you’re still having trouble with the email jobs despite having a valid certificate.

If you are convinced they is no way they could be correlated I’ll remove the reference to your post, just DM me.

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I don’t see a way they would be correlated but also not asking you to edit. :slightly_smiling_face:

A setup on which thousands of emails flow smoothly and at the same time 30 consistently fail doesn’t sound anything like a certificate handling change.