Email not sending after update

hello my favorite forum systems :slight_smile:

Im having a problem with sending email from discourse forum.

When i try to test SMTP, everything goes well, as you can see on printscreen

Im using 587 port for SMTP wish STARTTLS


but when i add those parameters to app.yml and rebuild app, it just wont send any mail


Can someone point me to the solution?

What could block discourse to use my smtp :frowning: logs are just showing connection refused

(You might need to wait for the world to turn a bit more to get some help…)

All I know is that there can be a difference between what your host can do and what the processes in your container can do. How did you run your SMTP test - inside the container, or outside?

I also know there’s a checklist somewhere for email trouble… maybe this thread:

I have tested my smtp outside of container, now you gave me idea to try from inside :slight_smile:

Thank you for link, will check now

Well i have managed to get through now, when testing email on /admin/email it says “SENT” but im not getting any email.

weird, i can login to that same email send and recieve

Sorry I’m out of ideas. You can see the packets with for example
tcpdump -c 19 -A -n port 587
but as the traffic is mostly encrypted, it might not help. It might show that no connection is made, or is rejected.

Edit: I found I had to switch to port 2525, but I don’t remember why. It’s a standard alternative, apparently.


Are you still stuck? Now, or 48 hours from now, might be good times to bump this thread with an update.

Sorry i could not send email from discourse, i really dont know why is this such a problem, if i can test and use SMTP server and discourse just wont send through it

im using my own email server, (iredmail), that has been online almost 2years now with no problems.

I trully wonder what could be problem

I spent last 3 hours checking logs from discourse, to find out what could block mail sending its not rocket science, but no luck.

Now im at part where i can send email, after clicking send email, it says “Email Sent” but im not receiving any mail

Have you tried discourse-doctor?

It can send mail, including sending it to a spam-scoring service, which is a good way to see if mail is deliverable to a well-known service or not deliverable just to your service. The doctor says:

For a robust test, get an address from

If it says “mail sent” then it is fairly certain that discourse delivered the mail to your mail service and you need check your spam folder and the logs at your mail service.

A common problem is that your forum is and the default notfication email is but your mail service is configured only for if that’s the case then you need to change the notification email (or reconfigure your mail server).

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forum is on


I have found solution, its my mail server setup, i needed to add some options!

Now its working

Problem was
" Recipient address rejected: Sender is not same as SMTP authenticate username"

Thank you both, after i read your posts it somehow guided me to solution.


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