Email Notification to all Members

Hey gang.

My forum was down for 5-6 months due to a server crash, and my inability to revive it (time constraints). Now that the forum is back up and running, I want to send a notification to the user base that it is back.

What is the best way to do this? Individual PM to each user? A single topic, that will get sent via digest?

Any thoughts would be appreciated.


This may be a little past its prime… :slight_smile: But depending on how many of your users have turned off their email, a new #announcements style category where you set it to be automatically Watching First Post may do the trick. If you create a topic in there, then an email should go out to everyone who doesn’t have their email set to ‘never’. (and then you can retire the category/remove it from default Watching First Post after it’s served its purpose)

Out of curiosity, how did you handle it in the end?


That’s a great trick! Generally I add manually new users to a big “all users group”!