Email notifications not sent

Some time ago the the sending of notification emails out of our Discourse installation stopped, at least it seems so.
Sending emails itself works, just tested with a test email, sending out invitations works too. But under Settings / Emails / Skipped the newest entries are from 10 days ago and in the list of sent emails the newest ones are quite old too. There are about 300 users on the site, so I would think there should some email to be sent, but isn’t.
Could it be any wrong setting, but which? I looked around but didn’t found any suspicious.
Any hints?

A follow-up: It is even more wrong. Sending a test email from settings works, so far so good. But I just detected that sending of invitation emails fails too now. In the lists of skipped and sent email I can’t see any new entry.

What version are you running? I think that there may have been something that caused this that got fixed recently. Can you go to /admin/upgrade or do a

cd /var/discourse/
./launcher rebuild app
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This is 1.6.6 here. AFAIK it is the newest one in the stable channel, isn’t it?
Just detected, email notification of private messages doesn’t work too :frowning:

I think that version has a bug with backups. I believe the latest is 1.6.7.

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You are right, 1.6.7 is the most recent:
Unfortunately the update isn’t working too, it says:

A check for updates has not been performed lately. Ensure sidekiq is running.

This happens regularly, only after a rebuild it is some time ok. Maybe it is related to (?) :

See /admin/upgrade or

cd /var/discourse
./launcher rebuild app
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Thanks @pfaffman, but I’m not the guy with access to the command line on the server. So I have to wait.
Thanks again.

Got it. Sorry, I didn’t realize that you mean with “/admin/upgrade” something like this “http://mydiscourse.server.anyware/admin/upgrade:flushed:
Now we have the most recent version. But the email problem isn’t gone. :frowning:
The only email sent successfully is the test email…

Sorry I wasn’t clear about the URL!

The next thing to check is sidekiq. Search here to find the URL (I’m on my phone and can’t deal).

No, it was my fault, simply forgot, that a web application is based on URLs :wink:
But the good news are … the emails are running again.
The guy with the proper access rights had done a rebuild of the app as you had recommended.


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