Mail notifications are not sent anymore

We are using Discourse 1.9.0 beta15.
Mail notifications was working until we got an issue with the server (no more disk space).
After fixing the issue, we noticed that notifications are not sent anymore (not received by users)

Please could you let me know the commands to check the mail box in Discourse? how to empty the queue? I would like to see if mails are stuck in the queue.

I did several things:
-restarted nginx
-cleared redis (flushall)
-checked production.log (no mail issue recorded)
-telnet from our server (no issue with our smtp server)

Is there a process responsible to send mail notifications?

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That usually means that sidekiq isn’t running and a reboot fixes it. If you cleared redis then you deleted any pending notifications.

You really should upgrade as that version is no longer supported.


Hi Jay,
Is there a way to restart sidekiq without rebooting the server?
The application is fine, except the mail notification.
If I restart app (launcher restart app), do you think it can help?
I have not restarted app yet.
Yes, we are in the process to upgrade Discourse.

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Restart app should do it.


Restarting app fixed the issue. Thanks a lot @pfaffman!

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That is old and full of security issues, please update ASAP.