Email notifications reply directly to me (the admin)

Hi Guys :wave: ,

I received discourse email notification for a PM between two other community members. It turned out that the receiving member replied to the original PM email notification directly from within the email rather than going to discourse and clicking into their private messages. As a result, instead of sending their reply to the OP, it actually sent the reply directly to me (the admin), who had nothing to do with the PM.

Upon further investigation, it seems that all notifications emails received by any member would reply to my email address if the member clicked reply from the notification email.

What is going on here? Is there a way of fixing it?

It’s the email address that is configured at notification email in your Discourse settings and I assume that you’ve added your email address there.

I have configured as notification email address, indicating that it’s not intended for bidirectional communication.

Another option would be to enable reply by email, which essentially creates a way of posting on Discourse via email. However, this involves a little bit of configuration and setting up a dedicated email account handling the replies.


Hi @fhe

Thanks for replying, I would like users to be able to reply via email, so setting up Reply-by-email may be the best option for us, I think I have a guide that walks through the process. Thank you for your help

Here is a SMTP test site to help you out with the issue.

The key is the notification email has to be VERIFIED Single Sender and used as notification email in the ./discourse-setup

user : apikey
port : 587