Email notifications with incorrect senders

Email notifications from my Discourse 1.4.3 forum have an incorrect sender:

From: Some Username <forum-email>
Reply-To: Some Username <forum-email>

This is confusing, so many users try to either reply to emails, or even write new emails to Some Username <forum-email>. I’d find this acceptable for sites with reply by email enabled — but since we can’t set that up, that’s a problem.

I suspect such invalid email addresses enter their address books (though I’m not sure) — among other things, this seems a regression from what @codinghorror described earlier:

Gmail remembers email addresses of topic threads, offers as autocomplete:

To finish up the story: forum-email used to be mine, so I got user answers. I had to create a valid replacement email, so I ended up to create a noreply@ account and setting up an autoresponder with procmail.

Before any of you suggest enabling “reply by email”: I’ve had to reject that already, that’s not supported by our email service and admins won’t add support just for me. And using a third-party email provider is not an option — better don’t ask why.