Email server required? Internal Auth system?

I am looking to use this for my EVE Online organization. Far as I know no other EVE groups use discourse. We have an internal auth system based on EVE API data. If a user gives correct a valid API they are register for mumble, discord, and hopefully soon Discourse. This is depending on how Discourse does API(which I need to do more reading.). Anyway way to skip the whole email server all together? Set it up where a user gets a username and pw(mumble), a link that does oauth2(Discord), or some other auth system?

I hate traditional forums and something like Discourse would be awesome for my developing community.

Yes, Discourse can support external auth systems including oauth2.

A basic introductory oauth2 plugin can be found at:

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Do have to have our own email webserver though? If so probably use just Socketlabs.

I use a 3rd party for sending email personally but have in the past used an inhouse server.

If I ever figure out how to install Discourse on my Apache Unbuntu server I will use oauth2. Someone linked me a workaround using gmail since I am going to be using oauth2.

Currently hung up on to config. haproxy since the guide available was done in CentOS.