Simple email inbox for discourse

Since the discourse Terms of service page does not allow to embed links, I was unable to redirect users to admin account as the main contact.

So I’m trying to setup incoming email handler/replier so I can handle official emails.

I tried to use the Plugin and it’s only for amd64 and I get errors as my architecture is arm64.

Is there any arm64 (instead of amd64) version of the email receiving/composing Plugin

If not, what are my options setting up a mail server etc (may a different docker container), however, I don’t want to disrupt the usual mailing behavior of discourse (user verification emails sent directly by discourse etc).

What I want to achieve?

  1. Want to retain the usual behaviour of discourse without disrupting it’s emailing behaviour.
  2. Need to have an fully functional email address to receive emails to and to send replies from that inbox. (just a simple inbox with reply functionality is perfectly fine, no need of fancy tools or spam filters)

I can have a free email address like etc, but it’s not professional at all.

What are my options?

Is it possible that we implement a very simple default email inbox in discourse with a reply button and a very simple composer window, to read and reply to emails?
(while wondering why discourse didn’t include a simple email inbox inside discourse as they know this is a basic requirement to have a professional contact point)

I know answer for that. None. Don’t even bother to try. It is way too risky, difficult and expensive. And if you are customer to VPS-services as DigitalCloud they don’t even allow that.

I’m a bit lost what you are after, must be a language barrier again, but if you want to get emails to Discouse, ability to answer there and send response to customer/user Discourse can already that. I reckon search term would be like email. All you need is + -address (I don’ remember fancy name of that) and at least SES by Amazon offers it, I reckon.


I’m also confused by this bit :point_up: What do you mean when you say it won’t allow you to embed a link?


the links like []() get’s disabled in terms of services page. All other posts are fine. Only in legal pages like that. I thought it’s enforced by discourse.

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you mean discourse has an email composer?

I was trying to receive emails to and send emails from that.

When someone (from gmail etc) sends an emails to, I should be able to read it, and reply to it. And the reply would be sent from domain.

example scenario:

email text: We have noticed some sections of our website’s Terms of Service that may require further clarification. Please contact us at your earliest convenience.

and I should be able to read the email, and I should be able to reply to that received email. Are you saying discourse already has that functionality? I’m not talking about user verification emails etc.

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Yes, we have a composer in Discourse :wink:

You can start from this, and do some searches more if needed — but you have already searched and that’s why I’m confused what is the real issue now.


We have links and emails in our Terms of Service here on meta and they seem to work just fine?


I can only see a probable use of []() markup at Internet forum at in the first line at the beginning of the TOS. Can you please check if that link uses the markup []() to present link? are you sure you’re not using any other method like href tags to show the link?

For instance, can you embed [about](/about/) in the TOS?

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Some of them are just pasted in links that auto-linkify, like the one for, but others use markdown. :+1: (like the Creative Commons one further down)

The FAQs has more examples in, including one to the /about page ([friendly local staff](/about)).

You should have no issues using markdown links in those posts and having them display in the published page.


Not in the FAQ page, in the TOS page, can you use markup like []()? can you please check.

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I did check. :slight_smile: (the Creative Commons example I mentioned)

Though the FAQ, TOS, and Privacy pages all work the same.


That’s strange. My TOS page cannot use markup like [](). don’t know if there are any invisible formatting has been applied to the page. Only option seems to be to try converting the whole page to unicode text and again re-format it with title headings etc.

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Are you using the default ones? If you click on ‘edit this page’ at the top it would take you to the underlying post where you can make any adjustments you need.

(Or just navigate to the relevant topic in your staff category)


Yes the default ones. In my TOS, the creative commons link is embeded as <a href="">Creative Commons</a>, it works fine.

It is not in the format of []() either. Only the []() are not functional in TOS.

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Thank you for the comprehensive list of topics. I will go through them.

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I don’t know why you have html ones, but at least they work. You could use that method instead if you didn’t want to dig any further?

If you go to /admin/customize/site_texts there’s a Replace Text button on the right which you can use to regenerate the text for the seeded topics. It’ll pull in the latest version (though will overwrite any changes you made, so save a copy if you do). Not sure if that will help in this case, but might be worth a try?


Will give it a shot. Thank you.


Do you, by chance, have an HTML block near the top of your ToS/FaQ somewhere?
Like so:

Text after this ***will not*** have _any_ formatting, including [links](


Text after this ***will not*** have _any_ formatting, including [links](
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