Email staged users not held for moderation

I just began testing a new plugin I am working on. After testing this further I began sending emails for both staged and real users.

I have found, on 3 installations (dev, sandbox and live sites), that staged user emails are not being held for moderation.

Is this by design? I cannot find a site setting that allows me to control this. I’ve tested this on Discourse versions: v2.0.0.beta5 +64 and v2.0.0.beta4 +239.

What setting(s) have you changed to cause topics/replies to be held for moderation?

It works correctly for regular users when I set:

Approve unless tl > 3
Approve new topics unless tl > 3

I have also tried playing with approve post count but that doesn’t seem to do anything here.

That works for currently regisistered users just not staged users. Unless I am mistaken those seem to be the pertinent fields.

It’s possible that mail from anonymous users does not go through the same path as a regular user. Anonymous users do not have a “trust level” so this could be an edge case. Let me go test this…


I’m fairly sure this is by design

In that case (before I go do testing) I guess I need to ask “why”? If TL0 users (who you don’t trust) require approval, why should an anonymous user (who you know even less about) get through without approval?

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Because they are mutually exclusive settings – when you allow anon email randos to reply, you are explicitly saying “I don’t care about approvals, just let everything through.”

The TL3 requirement would imply they had a Discourse account, how is that even possible when a post is submitted via email? How does an email account achieve TL3?

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It can’t. Thus the assumption (at least on my part) that the post would go through approval. An anonymous account is <TL3.

If this is an intentional design decision I’m not going to do any testing. I would support a site setting for “must approve anonymous public topics” though.


I would definitely anticipate requiring staged users to pass through the same approval

I don’t necessarily agree here, while you are allowing anon users to submit content, if you have enabled moderation I would imagine you would want to confirm said content.

As @jomaxro mentioned, a site setting on this would definitely be useful and in a setting where everything is pretty moderated almost required.

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Feel free to submit a pull request if you wish to change the way the feature behaves.


PR Submitted: #5721


PR merged