Emailed Forum Posts grayed out in Dark Mode on some Discourse forums

Recently the text on emailed posts I receive has been greyed out.

This happens with and some other Discourse forums, but some other Discourse forums work fine.

The problem happens only when my Mac is set to dark mode; it does not happen with light mode.

Did something change recently in the Discourse software to cause this?


Hi Richard,

I have tried to repro this using Apple Mail and on 3 different browsers with gmail, but so far I haven’t been successful. So I’d like to get some more information to see if we can replicate this. Can you tell me:

  • What email client you use?
  • If gmail, what browser do you use?
  • And what version of macOS are you on?

We’ll keep digging into this but hopefully this will help us narrow it down.



I’m not Richard, but judging by the font in the image, he appears to be using Microsoft Outlook. :grin: