Emails sent from Discourse don't get displayed properly on Superhuman with dark mode


I’ve recently written this post:

Which for one user resulted in the following email on his Superhuman email client being in dark mode:

The same worked well on my Android email app (Spark):

and on Gmail:

I’m aware it’s not easy to optimize for display across all possible clients, but is there perhaps some way to help that Superhuman user?

Thanks in advance.


We’ve had a few reports of a similar thing with mixed dark modes, though haven’t quite cracked a solution for Superhuman yet:

I’ll pass this on to the engineer looking into it and they may reach out with a few questions for more info. :slightly_smiling_face:


Thanks so much. Did you hear anything back? the issue persists

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Hi @Anna_Geller :slight_smile:

I gave them a nudge to see if there was new info, but the issue remains persistently stubborn. :frowning: Hopefully they can provide some updates soon. :crossed_fingers:


I have some sad news @Anna_Geller :frowning:

This issue is proving too tricky to track down and squish reliably across all the different emall clients, and I’m afraid Superhuman is one of the ones where we’re not going to be able to provide a fix.

I’m really sorry it’s not better news. :pray:

Same problem with Airmail.

Topics related :

Same problem with Skiff mail.

Here is the snapshot of the notification email sent when my post above was approved.

I’m having the same exact problem in Superhuman.

This doesn’t seem likely to be fixed anytime soon: