Emailed topics arrive only once per hour as opposed to instantly

Emailed topics to only show up in their specific category once per hour, so I’m wondering how to drop this time to be as close to instantaneous as possible. Emails are being sent through Amazon EWS. If someone direct responds to a private message or existing topics via email, that post shows up instantly.

I did not set this up, but would appreciate help in figuring it out. Unclear on what settings should be adjusted.

Email notifications are sent out on a schedule. If you want to be notified instantly it’s best to keep the forum open in a web browser.

Different sites might have set this up differently as well. On my forum I have it send out notifications after 5 or so minutes.


What I mean is:

  • Person emails a topic to a category by emailing
  • One hour later the topic appears on our 2.6 beta1 forum.

Oh. Sorry misread you. Incoming email also runs on a schedule. Most sites use a mailbox that gets checked every 5 minutes or whatever interval.

There is also Straightforward direct-delivery incoming mail which is a bit trickier to set up.