Send Emails immediately for new Post

We are using discourse as an internal messaging,discussion and annoncements site for our non-profit organization. We are talking maybe 20 people max on the discourse instance. So this is not the typical large public forum situation. In that case trying to queue outbound emails immediately would not be desired.

Thus I want to make discourse work nearly as fast as direct emailing. I read that there are built in delays before the emails are queued after a post is made. I would preferably like to have no delay.

I did set the “email time window” to 1 minute. If I set that to zero will the email be generated immediately?

Then how can I tell Discouse to queue all the emails to users for sending immediately? In my testing emails can take up to 5 mintues to show up at user’s inbox with the settings I have now.

Related. I didn’t see a way to set the default new user settings for accepting individual emails on all categories with no digests. I will pre-create user accounts (TL1) and send out “account created” emails so I want the new accounts ready to accept all emails without digests

Maybe some other admins have a similar use case and have their instance set up similar to what we desire.

FYI I do have inbound emails set up via the api and that seems to post very quickly. It’s the outbound email sending I want to speed up a bit.

I guess you’d need mailing list mode to enable emails for everything

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Is having no delay what everyone wants? Are the issues you discuss so time sensitive that 5 minutes is going to change something? Do people really want to have their message sent with a huge typo rather than having a minute to edit it before everyone sees it?

I think those outgoing emails get processed by a job rather than going out on real time. Perhaps it runs every five minutes? It might be possible to have that job run once a minute.

If people turn on notifications they can get best real time notifications in their browser.

Also, have you checked the email headers to see how much delay is in the mail system?


in answer

  • Likely
  • Possibly
  • I have reply by email and new topic by email set up and mostly that is what will be used so they won’t be able to change their text after sending anyway.

As I said this is a small use case. I’m trying to get adoption by not forcing user to use the webui but use email just like we have been (albiet in a more organized fashion (categories and topics), without having to create emails with 20 email addresses and using reply to all, with record keeping and a web ui for reviewing, etc - i.e. discourse).

I’m ok with 1 minute edit timeout if that is the minimum when they use the UI.

So my questions more specifically is.

  • Is there a setting for the delay between when a post is released from its edit timeout and when the system queues emails to be sent, or is that hard coded, or is it immediate?
  • If the post is via email is the edit window timeout ignored?