Emails sent from noreply@(IP Address) via

I’m sending Discourse emails through Elastic Email. I noticed that when they arrive in my inbox, the “From” field says noreply@ via (with the real IP and domain that my discourse install uses).

Is this normal for Discourse to send it like that with the IP address instead of from Or do I have something configured incorrectly? Thanks!

Check 2 things:

  1. Notification Email in Your Discourse settings.
  2. Verify your domain with elasticemail to remove via part.

Thanks! It was the notification email. I guess it was still set to the IP address from when I first setup the container. Didn’t see that setting when I looked for it.

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No official setup routine that I know of ever sets that to an IP address. Are you on an unsupported install?

I used the one click install from Digital Ocean which I believe is supported? It was definitely no fault of any setup routine that it ended up as an IP address. That was my doing.

When I setup the container I first used the IP address for DISCOURSE_HOSTNAME instead of the domain name because it was a migration from an SMF forum that I was trying to keep online as long as possible before the migration.

I setup the DO container first so it was ready to go. Then I took the SMF forum offline and migrated it to my local Vagrant Discourse. Then I exported, changed the DNS to point to the DO container and changed the DISCOURSE_HOSTNAME to the actual domain name.

The only official setup method I know of is doing it by hand following the 30 minutes install Guide.

Digitalocean’s image is sometimes heavily outdated and needs to be updated.


Oh I see but FYI running from an ip address is not supported.


Ya it was only ever used by me, the admin, during setup. Besides me not knowing or forgetting to change the notification email address, it was a smooth transition from the IP to the domain name.