Embed javascript in a Discourse post?

Is it possible to embed javascript in a Discourse post? I’m using Knack for an online database app and would like to display it in a Discourse post for legacy reasons. Knack says “copy and paste the following code snippet into your site or blog”:

<script type="text/javascript">app_id="5e056206fa44aa00xxxxxxxx";distribution_key="dist_4";api_domain="knack.com";</script><script type="text/javascript" src="https://loader.knack.com/5e056206fa44aa00xxxxxxxx/dist_4/knack.js"></script><div id="knack-dist_4">Loading...</div>

I’ve pasted that code below, and as you can see, it just says “Loading…”. The content does not require sign-in. I get the same result on my own forum even after whitelisting the domain.

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