Embedding is not working on my forum

I have gone through all the steps
here is my embed setting

I have also added hosts for the same

and this is my WordPress post editor

I have replaced the REPLACE ME URL to my page link
My page link is https://cyberthana.com/test/ where I have put this HTML code
But still, nothing is showing there.

Can anyone please tell me is there anything that I am missing?

I think that you will need to use a full post, with a title and content for it to work. Discourse is looking for post content on the page. The other problem is that there are <p> tags inside of the Discourse javascript that you have added to the post. This is because of the way the WordPress editor works. It adds <p> tags when there are line breaks in the text. To fix this you need to edit the javascript you have added to the post to remove any line breaks.