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:wave: Hi all, trying to embedd a mixcloud iframe code into a discourse forum. It should be possible as can be seen here: Weekly House Flavoured Mixes - Mixsets / Gigs / Events - Mixxx

The code I get from mixcloud is

<iframe width="100%" height="120" src="https://www.mixcloud.com/widget/iframe/?hide_cover=1&feed=%2Fwannabedj48570385%2Fsharingmylamemixes%2F" frameborder="0" ></iframe>

but that results in nothing in the preview of the post or when posted in the post itself. What am I missing or how would this code be correctly embedded?

Can’t be missing whitelisting as embedding worked for another forum user on that instance.

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Discourse has magic embedding we call onebox, so you don’t need to paste their embed code at all, just add your playlist URL on a single line like


And it becomes

Now if you really want the embed code to work you need to fiddle with the site setting

Testing embed code:

Looks like it works fine after adding it to the allowed iframes site setting.


Thanks so much! You won’t believe how hard I was struggling with this. Will ask admin to add an example in the sticky post to spare other users the struggle.


I was the poster that was having success mentioned in the original post here. Things were working fine for me, but the last couple of weeks I’ve not been getting the embed I expect.

When I paste the URL, same as always and as I’ve done directly above this text, I see the cover art, but not the player in the preview. I used to see the entire player in the preview.

When I post the reply, there’s just a gap where the player should. I don’t even get the cover art.

I haven’t changed anything. I suspected it might be my ad blocker, but I disabled that and I’m still seeing the same behaviour.

I’ve been posting to the same thread and it’s fine up until three weeks ago. Weekly House Flavoured Mixes - Mixsets / Gigs / Events - Mixxx

Would appreciate any help on resolving this.

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Yeah. And naturally, it’s showing up here.

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