Mixcloud Embeds have stopped working

Posting in this thread here: Weekly House Flavoured Mixes - Mixsets / Gigs / Events - Mixxx

Mixcloud embeds were working fine and then just stopped working.

In the preview it shows the image in the player, but nothing else. On post it doesn’t show. If I post a current link here it will work. Thread length maybe? Too many cooks?

I just tried to post this guy

And got the same results there. Empty space where there should be an embedded player.

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It’s working here, but not there.

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If you are on latest discourse beta, this implies your server IP might be blocked by mixcloud?


On my forum when posting mixcloud links they just show up completely blank

Working here though

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I have the same issue on the latest discourse. Doesn’t look like an IP blockade.

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Reporting the same issue with Mixcloud embeds, Discourse version 2.7.0.beta4 (hosted by Digital Ocean) - a small image of the cover art appears in preview and it is completely gone once posted.

Using the embed iframe code works fine, so it seems very doubtful it’s an IP block issue.