Embed specific comment as quote

Is it possible to embed a specific comment inside a topic to be used as a quote on the blog site?

I know that embedding the entire discussion is possible but I would like to include specific comments similar to how I would embed a tweet on a page.

If that‘s not possible, would I be able to get the elements from the API? I haven’t gone through the API docs extensively because I’ve been reading some comments about how the API is not fully functional or similar.

Please advise.


The API is fully functional. Virtually anything that you can do through the Discourse user interface can be done via the API. The trick with getting data for a single Discourse post from the API is that you need to know the post’s ID. Once you know that, you can get the post with the following API request: Discourse API Docs.

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I see. I will definitely explore this a bit. Thank you very much!