Embedding quote outside of Discourse

I have a blog (Jekyll) which uses a Discourse instance for commenting. It’s becoming more and more common that I want to quote someone from Discourse in a blog post. Essentially, this would be a copy/paste of the current quote styling but in an external system. There may need to be other pieces added to the quote to give it context, but you get the idea.

I could write a Jekyll plugin for myself to use but it would be really handy to use an embeddable code snippet for the quote instead. We get embed snippets all the time from other services already. I’d love to see Discourse do the same. But I also recognize that this may be a power user feature and may be plugin-worthy as opposed to making it into core.


Does the blog support pulling opengraph tags from a link? Because every topic link and post link has those tags…

It’s Jekyll so I’m looking at static site abilities. I can write the back end code for my specific scenario but looking for a more universal method similar to comment embedding.