Embed tags on Forum Index

A topic has the embed tags, but the index (usually /latest page) doesn’t.

I think it would be good, so the link expand where people use this, like:

  • Whatsapp
  • Telegram
  • Discord
  • Facebook

What you guys think?


It is unclear what those tags would contain for the index?

  • Site Name: Same as topic

  • URL: Forum index

  • Title: Forum title

  • Description: Setting site_description

Looks good?

Maybe can you show before and after with that?

On telegram:



Facebook scrap other html tags when the OpenGraph tags aren’t found, so you get a warning but it works:



Probably OK though a bit redundant. Make sure we are testing using the http://iframely.com/debug


Necro bump, but 100% relevant – whatever became of this? Discord is another reason for this.

Currently when I post our link:

and it should look add an image at the top-right pulled from meta data.

Discord, much like FB and other sites, pull from ogbanner meta tag, iirc. On the index of the site, it looks like no image shows up at all.

EDIT: Topics show an image, if any, but that’s it – there’s no default or index image

That is a Discord problem. Twitter and Facebook pull the info fine. Ask Discord, not us, about that.