Img meta tags don't show in Discord

Discourse links are very boring in Discord. Any chance to pull the first image within a post? Or if posting a generic category, the category image?

This is a problem with Discord, not us. We are fully compliant with opengraph and oembed. Take it up with them.


Discord supports OpenGraph looks like:


Do you have enabled the link preview in your account setting on Discord? It’s enabled by default, maybe you disable it accindentally.


From our Discord server

Definitely enabled. Sometimes it works, sometimes it doesn’t – very inconsistent

^ from Discourse. Now Discord. Other links show fine (shown below):

How come mine doesn’t show, but meta does?

What about others here? Seems to work fine for individual posts, just not home page or category home.

I realized it’s only on home page and main categories. Can you try home page? and category home?

/categories, /c/meta and /c/howto/tips-and-tricks so Categories home page, a category and a sub-category.

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I don’t understand - why would it not work for ours? I wonder if Discord doesn’t re-scrape, ever? For example, if the first person to ever post our link before it was 100% setup, it would not have shown anything. Then later, it never rescrapes for new data?

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