EmbeddableHost category section is blank

Since the last update the “post to category” sections are blanked out. Also when I modify that section and save it, it’s gone when I refresh the page. Anyone else experiencing this? The RSS feeds do place things in the correct category though.

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Thanks for reporting this! I can reproduce the issue on my site. We will look into what is going wrong and get it fixed.

Edit: I’ve moved your post to a new topic in the #bug category. When I test this on my site what I’m finding is that when first creating a host record, the category is correctly displayed. The category is not displayed for any existing host records though. If I refresh the page, the category that I have set for the new host record also disappears. The category is correctly set in the database.

The issue seems to be happening here:

When I log host.category, it returns nil. host.category_id returns the expected value though.`

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