Embedding 5-star rating system widgets

Does anyone have recommendations for integrating commercial rating widgets with Discourse? I am aware of the Topic Ratings Plugin, but am looking for something more like this screenshot. There are products like https://rating-widget.com just to give one example, but I don’t know how well it would work embedded in Discourse somehow.

Some specific concerns:

  • Can a widget recognize the Discourse username, similar to hidden fields in Typeform?
  • If so, can it auto-fill the user’s previous response, so they could change their ratings?
  • Can the results be published to the outside world, say to a Wordpress site?



Im not sure about what you want to do - but why dont you just use wordpress as the content provider (including the widget you link to) and let discourse be the comment system for the content you like to review?

Or did I miss something? :thinking:


That’s a possibility. I would prefer to keep the widgets in Discourse because that’s where the people are. Our Wordpress site is little more than a gateway to Discourse. Previous experience suggests that if users have to hop over to the WP site, they are less likely to write a review.

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