Embedding Discourse Categories / Latest Topics into Site

My apologies if this is placed incorrectly.

I’ve setup my Discourse forum (not active at moment) , and I’d like to embed either an entire category , or more importantly “latest topics.” I have a wix site that I’d like to pull and embed that data , live.

Is this possible? I’ve followed a bit of the information in the howto category , but I don’t think the method is exactly what I need.

Thanks Much!

As I understand it, you are trying to show the Discourse information on another site. Is this not a question for Wix?

I believe you can create an iFrame (add the widget to the page) in your Wix site and then embed whatever page you want, so you could use it to display your Discourse forum, or the category.

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I can figure out how to embed on wix via iframe , its pretty user friendly.

I’m more so looking towards info on configuring the back end of discourse to enable me to do so ie: what code from discourse to put in the wix iframe embed.

Currently I have under admin > customize > embedding

allowed hosting > pointing to domain
class type > “randomcharacters”
path whitelist - nothing , not sure what to put
post to category > lounge

It spits out a code , I inserted into the wix embed with replaced link , but the iframe does not populate with any content.

Thanks for the help so far , best regards.

The code you are referring to is for embedding Discourse comments onto a page on another site - so you could use Discourse as the commenting engine.

What I understood from your original post is that you were simply trying to display the Latest or Category pages on that other site. In that case, simply add the URL of that page in the iFrame wizard and the Discourse site should display. Have you tried that?

However, whether this works or not is probably a function of the Wix widget and site and not Discourse itself.

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If you are wanting to include a Discourse category into another site I think you’ll have a much better time with a category that isn’t a restricted category.

Also, AFAIK, Discourse is not intended to work from within an iframe. However, you should be able to get RSS and / or JSON and be able to work with that.


Appreciate the help much,

Thanks for pointing me in the right direction , RSS feed works just fine for me.


Sorry guys , not sure if I should make another topic.

In regards to the rss feed.

I use nodechef , and my domain is connected. When I use my domain based link for an rss feed , it populates just fine on my wix site. The issue is , when you click the rss , it takes users to the nodechef forum links , not my domain based links.

Any reason for this , or way around such?

Thanks Much

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