Embedding a category


(Roarke Lynch) #1

I know that we can embed a topic, and I know that we can assign a category for new topics based on the embedding host. But is it possible to embed a category?

Here is the use-case we are exploring: A private Wordpress site with separate groups (e.g. Cat People, Dog People, Chicken People). Each group has a matching category in Discourse for their forums. On Wordpress we would like to embed the category for each group, listing the last 5-10 active topics. A user can click on a topic in Wordpress and join the conversation through Discourse.

I’ve seen that Twig Anything is one way to solve this problem, but is there a more “native” solution that I havn’t run into yet?

(Jeff Atwood) #2

Can’t you just grab the RSS feed for the category?

(Roarke Lynch) #3

Sure could! Either the JSON or RSS representation will give us the data for the category. Getting the data in a Discourse-like UI would be all the better (and easier).

(Sebastian) #4

+1 for getting the data in a Discourse like UI.
Any developments on this? Or is the only option still just pulling from a RSS feed?