Embedding Discourse Category not Topic

(Bar Smith) #1

Hello all!

I run a community driven open source project and our Discourse forum is the heart of the community.

I am working on a website to host collaborative open source projects and I would like each project page to have a discourse discussion section similar to how @eviltrout has an embedded discourse comments section on his blog:

Instead of just embedding a single topic as a comments section, I would like to embed a category so that there can be multiple discussions going simultaneously.

So here’s my question: Is it possible to embed a discourse category instead of a topic and where do I start?

Thanks for your time! Love everything about discourse.

(Rafael dos Santos Silva) #2

It’s our goal on this year RGSoC to create more widgets for embedding, like a latest posts widget, etc.

Wish for us to be selected :wink:

(Bar Smith) #3

I’m happy to work on coding it myself…is there a place to start? Should I build off of the existing embedding widget?