Emoji prompting fails in some cases

As bugs go, this is probably not on anyone’s high priority list. However, since it does not seem to be working as I would expect it to, the OCD part of me won’t let me just walk on by. :flushed:

As shown in the screenshots below and for no rational reason obvious to me, when I type :thumbsup: for the :thumbsup: emojii, the prompt menu does not work as I expect it to.

This confuses me for two reasons.

First, as shown in the screenshot of the meta.discourse.org editor below, there should be prompting for this when I type, for example, :thumb, correct? Where is it?

Second, as shown in another screenshot, this time from the editor on try.discourse.org, in this other context I do get prompting. Just not the prompting I was looking for … :disappointed: :confused: I suppose I should add that the :thumbsup: emoji does also work over on try.discourse.org as it does here on meta. You just won’t see it listed in the prompt menu. :no_mouth:


Reported as fixed in the linked (closed) discussion per post below. If this is indeed a duplicate report of the same bug, then this topic should probably also be closed, no? @sam


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