Emoticons should not count toward the post character minimum

:smile: :stuck_out_tongue:

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(I’ve had users make posts exactly like that to skirt past the 20 character requirement. It’s annoying.)

I agree with this. Better to stop forum silliness before it gets out of hand and clutter up your categories.

I wouldn’t classify this as a bug. Others thinks so too.

Sometimes an emoji is enough. Why would you want to prohibit posting of one?
If someone misuses it than you should use your moderator powers or flag the post. :wink:
Just my 2 cents.

If :) :p isn’t enough to meet the 20-character threshold, :slight_smile: :stuck_out_tongue: shouldn’t either.

Well, I’m no fan of minimum character requirements anyway. Someone always finds a way around them anyway, so why enforce them in the first place? But that’s another topic…

Why lock the front door to your house? A determined enough criminal will get in no matter what…

It doesn’t take criminal intent to bypass this, it’s more like Dennis the Menace noticing your spare key sticking out from underneath the doormat. (“Hey Mr. Wilson!”)

Emoticons are not substantial content. I know there are plenty of other ways to bypass 20 characters, but this one is pretty blatant.


Still this is whack a mole. I don’t really consider this a bug. Where do you stop. Rogue unicode? Single image?

Each one of these additional heuristics is really a feature.

<!-- cooked.gsub(/<[^>]*>/gm,'').length should be good enough. :wink: -->




Nice. :wink:

However, as an argument, it slightly misses the mark, because it illustrates creativity, wit and purpose. Those users won’t ever get stopped by an automated detection, short of plugging SHODAN into Discourse.
On the other hand, as it stands, the merely lazy are simply being re-trained to type in two smileys instead of being deterred or taught to post at least a full sentence… and that’s a bit of a shame.

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