Empty space in iOS11 when Smart Keyboard is used

In iOS11 Safari (2017 10.5” iPad Pro used), when Discourse’s post editor is opened, the editor fills up the bottom half of the screen. When the cursor is placed inside the editor’s text area, the on screen keyboard fills up the bottom the half the screen, and the post editor is moved to the top half of the screen. So far, so good.

Questionable behaviour occurs when the iPad Pro’s Smart Keyboard is connected. In this case, the on screen keyboard disappears (as is to be expected), however the post editor stays where it is, and we’re left with an empty space below the editor.

Proposal: when the iPad Pro’s Smart Keyboard is connected and the cursor is also in the text area, the post editor is moved back to the bottom of the screen. This would be a more efficient use of space and would allow the post author to see part of the topic that they’re replying to while composing a message.


Best way to help is to add a response to :arrow_double_up: on the webkit site.