Empty „Your topic is similar to...”


On a new forum (50 topics atm), i see the similar topic box to be empty pretty often. I’m not sure what’s the algorithm for displaying that, but i think it should be hidden if there are no results, no?

I noticed that earlier today on another instance of discourse. I agree - doesn’t seem like it should be displayed if there’s nothing there…

Not sure what’s happening but there is a check


The problem is easy to reproduce with these steps:

  1. Add a title
  • start adding content in order to get valid suggestion (the popup shows)
  • continue adding content until there is no suggestions left (the popup remain)

I can reproduce (almost) every time :smile:

edit: i even succeeded to reproduce on meta.discourse, but apparently it’s not every time, but only once in a while

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Thanks, I have a repro. Will fix :smile:


I think this is fixed now? There used to be logic to prevent that from appearing until the number of topics was high enough to support it…

Not fixed yet. @eviltrout will have to have a look because I can’t figure out why it’s not hiding the popup when the code is right :frowning:

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