"Your topic is similar to..."-box has class=hidden

The your topic is similar to… banner:

Has class="composer-popup hidden similar-topics ember-view"

This kind of clashes with an assumption that a dev on our side made, namely that everything with .hidden should be … hidden :slight_smile:

So he put a

.hidden { 
   display: none !important;

in the CSS somewhere.

Could be nice not to put class=hidden on things that should not be hidden :slight_smile:

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Hmm not sure, perhaps @Johani could have a look… low priority.

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Indeed, didn’t expect this to be a Prio 1 :wink:

Is this addressed in a bug somewhere?
I am running a new Discourse 2.6.0.beta2 at the moment, and the “similar topics” view never shows up.

Checking with dev tools, the request to load similar topics is made, and the similar-topics div is populated with content. It has the class hidden however, leading to display:none !important; through helpers.scss.

So my users won’t ever see similar topics, resulting in duplicated topics here and there.

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Just found this commit, that apparently broke this: https://github.com/discourse/discourse/commit/5a34c7cc9e50df8965406e0c3112793313461de3

The change is under discussion here: Guest Gate (Sign Up Popup Plugin) - #55 by michaeld


I can repro this issue here on meta as well, seems like it is indeed the same.


I think that should fix it:


Awaiting review on our side.