Enable font color in hosted Discourse

Is there a way to enable font colors in hosted Discourse instances?
eg through the bbcode plugin?


The BBCode plugin is not part of our plugins packages. Only the Enterprise level allows you to install any plugins you want.

What other options do I have the write with several colors (nothing fancy, blue/red/green etc)?

You can use <ins> and <del> HTML tags if needed for basic highlighting.

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Underlined/bold text works as well but when you need to highlight 4+ different elements it’s not enough.
Also not very beautiful.
How about allowing the BBcode [color] tag since [b], [u], [s] are already allowed?

We have no plans to allow [color] at the current time. This is <ins> insert tag and this is <del> delete tag


These days this can be done with a theme component, you could get something like this to work in a theme component:

[wrap=color name=red]
I am in red

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