How do you change the color of Text?

So i saw that there was a way to change the highlight around the text, but that doesn’t work. But is there a way to change the actual color of just the text, not the background?

Can you write your website and show with a screenshot which text area it is.

<mark>your text here</mark> adds a highlight to text. Alternatively, you could have a look at this plugin?

or this theme component?


its just the normal text, like the one i am writting now. But here is a link to the forum. I don’t own it btw. :+1:

i will try it and see if i can get it to work. Thanks though.

By default, the body text like this is colored using the “primary” color for the current theme. An admin can change this by going to:

Preferences → Admin → Customize

  1. Click ‘Add Color Scheme’ or select an existing one to edit.
  2. Click the edit icon next to the color scheme name.
  3. Click any of the color fields to choose a different color.

One thing to note is that many other parts of the site get their color from the “primary” color, so changing this may cause unwanted side effects. CSS rules can be used to set color more directly for specific parts.

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Oh ok, i just didn’t know if there was a JS script that you could use on a topic.

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