Enable machine translation?


Is it possible if you enable machine translation on Transifex? I reduce our time a lot.


I believe we discussed this but I am not sure what the decision was @gerhard

We would need an API key for either Google Translate, Microsoft Translator or Amazon Translate.

I guess the free 500,000 character limit per month on Google Translate would be enough. That’s roughly 6,500 chars/month/language. I don’t think we have that much new or changed text in a usual month.

But I worry that the translation quality might suffer. Translators need to apply a filter on Transifex to find machine translations. They might think everything’s already translated if they take only a cursory glance at Transifex now and then.

I’m really on the fence here. It might be a good thing, but it could really backfire. Is it better to fallback to our English translations or have the risk of shipping machine translated strings to production? AFAIK there’s no way to filter out machine translations when we pull translations from Transifex. We would need to start pulling only reviewed translations and currently there aren’t a lot.


I can sponsor the API billing for few first months.

I’m not really worried about the costs. More about the quality of our translations. I don’t see a way to selectively enable machine translations just for certain languages.


I think it’s about the reviewer team setup and workflow. You should select the experienced ones.

Just don’t enable automatic machine translation, but let users use the feature to help them translate. Nothing can stop them to put literally any translation for any string there.

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Oh, I see enabling machine translation adds a new button to the editor.

From https://docs.transifex.com/translation/tools-in-the-editor#shortcut-buttons:

Machine translate autotranslate.png#asset:1114 – Use machine translation to translate the string. You’ll need to have Machine Translation set up first.

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Machine Translation with the autotranslate.png#asset:1114 button in the editor is now enabled.