Enabling team/group to mark topic solved when it is `email in` and the user is staged

When a topic is created via email in, and the user is currently staged, then obviously the owner of the topic is not there to mark a particular post as the solution.

Would there be a way for the category’s team/group to be able to mark posts as solutions within their category, if the topic is created via email in and the owner is a staged user?

Staff can already do this.

Yup, but other groups/teams can be non-staff and still be handling a category.

There may be limited number of staff users, and right now they have to be called upon to mark solutions to email in topic. This may give a large workload to staff when there are many email in topics.

That’s because if the owner of the topic is a staged user, he/she won’t be able to logon to mark the solution. And no other user with authorization to handle the category can do it for him/her.

You are essentially asking for category level mods and that is probably six months of very risky, break-the-world permissions work. Not on any of our current roadmaps in any form.

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I understand. Life is never perfect, unfortunately…