Encoding for downloaded posts in Persian language

the result of “download my posts” in the user panel, and for Persian language give me results like this:

is there any setting needed to be activated so that the encoding becomes true?

That should work in whatever language. Can you check @techapj?

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The download looks like it is UTF-8 encoded but imported as a Windows code page or ISO-8859-x. I suspect it is a Windows error opening the file.

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I signed up for an account at https://padpors.com/ and made one reply to the discobot (that tutorial has issues on that site. I can’t find the three dot box to bookmark the post for step one…) and then downloaded my post.

The encoding is fine UTF-8:

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I’m not 100% sold on not %encoding the URL in the download, but the raw Persian does work in Firefox.


So maybe when you brought it into Excel, you did not specify the encoding @Pad_Pors? If the file itself is correct, then your method of importing into Excel must be incorrect.

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yes, the importing was the issue with the encoding. thanks @elijah :thumbsup:

meanwhile I still couldn’t access the posts in Persian as I do in English. it should be from excel and not discourse, but to be sure let me ask:

In the English version I can have the whole post in one excel cell and so it’s easy to use the written posts other places.

while in the Persian file, when I try to import it in the UTF-8 encoding, the posts break into different cells depending on the number of paragraphs. I used delimited spacing in import (commas separated field ), but still the posts are broken.

is it anything related to my excel knowledge?

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