Enlarging posting pane doesn't remain past single post

I use a desktop with a rather large monitor.

Up until last week or so, I would sign on in the mornings, and with my first post, would enlarge the posting pane.

Unless I signed out or otherwise left the site, the enlarged pane would remain throughout the day, no matter what thread I was in.

I went out of town last week, and now that I’ve come back, I notice that this no longer happens, I now have to enlarge the pane on every single post. Is this now a permanent thing?


It’s been over a week since I posted this and no comment.

I do, however, see that a team member liked my post, does this mean that this is on someone’s to-do list?

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It’s not on anyone’s list quite yet, but I do think something regressed here.


Thanks! As long as I know someone actually laid eyes on this, I’m sure you’ll get to it eventually.

If it wasn’t so annoying and tedious, I’d let it go.

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It’s been over a month since I first posted. Is there no hope of getting this back?


First, let me apologize for this little rant.

It’s been almost two months since my original post. Is nothing to be done about this?

I’m having one of my busiest days today, with almost 100 postings before noon. Having to constantly enlarge the posting pane is really frustrating.

Please, please, tell me someone has this on their radar and a fix will be coming.


Thank you.

Apologies for the delay here, @Slowhand, this is now assigned and we should have a fix here in about a week.


Thanks @Slowhand for identifying this issue, a fix for this has now been pushed out :tada:


Oh thank you so much! I’ll be anxiously awaiting this!

I appreciate the help so very much!!



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