Ensure sidekiq is running?

This started today out of the blue.

I’ve searched the forum and tried all this:

  1. Upgrading manually to the latest git and rebuilding the app
  2. Rebooting the machine as @codinghorror suggested
  3. Checked diskspace, over 20GB free
  4. Trying what @clay suggested - trying to flush the queue (and then restarted and EVEN rebooting the machine) and I got:

[1] pry(main)> Sidekiq.redis { |r| puts r.flushall }
Passing ‘flushall’ command to redis as is; administrative commands cannot be effectively namespaced and should be called on the redis connection directly; passthrough has been deprecated and will be removed in redis-namespace 2.0 (at (pry):1:in `block in pry’)
=> nil

Taking my clues from here, nothing seems to work. Any ideas what’s going on and how to fix it?

Here’s what finally worked:

I ran this again
Sidekiq.redis { |r| puts r.flushall }

Then I restarted the app
sudo ./launcher restart app

Then I rebooted the machine (again)

And now it started working.

Oddly, my logs are completely empty.

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I have the same issue. This ‘solution’ is not satisfying since:

  • it does not tell why this happened.
  • it does not make clear which steps are required, and what they do exactly.
  • it requires a reboot!!!

I would expect restart to fix it, and I certainly do not plan on rebooting the machine.

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I would agree, I really don’t know why it happened and what exactly fixed it. Just that repeating the steps over a few times and rebooting a few times fixed it, but like you said I’m not convinced that’s the long term solution.

Hello. So what actions should I take?

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First upgrade to the latest version (there are some new patches related to this I think that went in a few hours ago). Open yourwebsite/admin/upgrade and upgrade to the latest version (+101 is working for me now, so you’re good there)

Then from the terminal

cd /var/discourse
sudo ./launcher enter app
rails c
Sidekiq.redis { |r| puts r.flushall }
sudo ./launcher restart app

Then reboot the machine. I did this loop 2 times and it solved the issue.

I think someone also mentioned you can try a few things

  1. Leave it for 24 hours and the scheduler should kick off again and this error should go away
  2. Force the schedules to start, open yourwebsite/sidekiq, goto scheduler and trigger the schedule Jobs::VersionCheck

Yeah, simply updating and waiting 24 hours (or manually triggering Jobs::VersionCheck in the web UI as you suggested) should suffice, no messing within Rails necessary :slight_smile:


I simply upgraded to the latest version (now running v1.9.0.beta2 +98), and didn’t have to reboot.

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