"Enum" broken in settings.yml of Theme (Components)

Bug description

Enum’s defined in the settings.yml of Theme Components are not being rendering correctly in the admin section. The dropdown is not working and neither are the value options visible in the source code. We tested 2 independent Theme Components so the problem seems to be affecting all Theme Components.

It seems that the problem was introduced in the 2.4.0.beta10 release.

We tested it on version 2.4.0.beta10 and 2.4.0.beta11 and both versions showed the above mentioned problem. Previous versions, in particular 2.4.0.beta9 and 2.4.0.beta8, don’t have this problem.

How to reproduce it:

  1. Install a Theme Component that uses enums like Discourse Versatile Banner
  2. Go the settings page of the theme component (…/admin/customize/themes/…) and check the enum setting

Screen Shot on 2020-02-18 at 16-42-42



This will be fixed by:


I reverted this fix as it’s causing more issues than it solves. Taking the time to write multiple tests and will come up with a better solution.