Error 413 trying to post something due to Cloudflare


When a user (or a staff’s member) try to post anything on my forum a pop up shows “413 Error”.


Can you help me?

413 means payload too large. Any third party plugins or unusual configuration? We have no other reports of this.

Hi Jeff, apparently it’s my odyssey to get the forum to go from http to https.

As I understand it could be a rate-limit of the cloudflare (free account).
I’m still investigating what problem could be, and why it happens.

I removed my forum from the DNS cloudflare, so it should not bother me anymore.
And the ssl of lets encrypt was applied at the server level.

The issue is that when users come to my forum through https, they have this error.

I will give you 24 hours to refresh the dns connections, praying that the error disappears.

Using the “Free HTTPS” product on CloudFlare for Discourse is terribly misguided. Configuring HTTPS using our lets encrypt template is the way to go. Why introduce an insecure proxy when you can do encryption right? And if your origin is HTTPS why have CloudFlare in the mix adding more surface area for you to debug?


Yes, my mistakes.

Now I disable cloudflare.
Now only cert from lets encrypt on the forum docker.

All working just fine now :+1: