Error 421 sending elastic emails

Sending is set up correctly, I was sending mail normally, but now I have tasks listed in sidekiq, it seems something related to daily limit, and in elastic there is still a lot of sending limit today. What can it be?

Jobs::HandledExceptionWrapper: Wrapped Net::SMTPServerBusy: 421 2e332ee3-08b1-498f-957a-aada6ff5057c Error: 421 Error: Daily limit exceeded. Please fill out your profile to have this daily limit remov..

This limit is reported by your mail provider, so you’ll need to reach out to them to fix this issue – there’s nothing that can be done on the Discourse side of things.


The error message says that you will need to fill out your profile to have the daily limit removed.

Did you do that?

There seem to be many people having trouble getting started with elastic email. I can’t tell if they have bad directions or they somehow attract people who can’t follow them.

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Yes, it is filled, so I closed the discourse the shipment was normal, but not now.

problem solved, it was the elastic that limited my account to 5 daily submissions.