Error 521 after latest update due to CloudFlare settings

Hello Guys!!

The whole site is down after update to the latest version. After the update, I rebooted the whole server. I am using Cloudflare. Don’t know what is the real issue. Need some serious help!!

I have the same issue!

Can you share a screenshot of your Cloudflare SSL settings?

Have you tried this feature??

I have removed my site from cloudflare and now my site is back online. Seems like cloudflare is the culprit.

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I am(/was) having the same issue with I can confirm that simply ‘pausing’ the site in the Cloudflare interface fixes the issue. This is particularly odd as I have several other sites with the same configuration not experiencing this problem.

I found the solution for my problem (and I suspect it will be the same for others). The solution is in this thread, but I’ll share it here, too:

Toggle TLS from 1.0+ to 1.2+ in Cloudflare.


How long did your site take to go back live once you re-pointed the DNS settings to Digital Ocean?