Need help with installing discourse

Alright i have been install discourse for over 30 -40 times now .

First i installed with Cloudflare working on Flexible SSL ,
Discourse installed , Registered admin , got email , opened link then error can’t press the activiton button to start wizard .

Installed with Cloudflare completely off , working on DNS mode only .
Discourse installed , access website get’s This site can’t be reached error .

Installed with cloudflare on , Cloudflare SSL off Installed , access website and get’s Request rejected , Port 80 and 443 closed !

Installed with cloudflare on , Flexible Ssl , Commented all SSL Templates in app.yml and let’s encrypt, Rebuild Registered admin , got mail , opened url unable to press button - Turned off Cloudflare completly , Opened Url we get in mail with Http protocol , this time i was able to press button and use the wizard . If i turn cloudlfare on again website error.

Installed same as above but this will uncommented SSL templates and email of let’s encrypt .
Cloudlfare completely off , can’t even access website now ?

What should i do ?
Please help me with it i am done already from last 2 days .

Cloudflare off. Dns only.

Use a new/different subdomain because you’ve been rate limited by let’s encrypt. Or wait a week.

Follow standard install.


Does changing let’s encrpt ssl email do anything ?

It changes what address they will send a warning of it fails to renew. But it won’t get you a certificate today.