After updating website wont come back online

After updating the website via ssh and rebuilding the app the website is down and won’t come up, anyone know what’s causing the issue and how to fix?

Hey @Noba, your screenshot contained your SMTP password! You should change it ASAP. I’ve hidden your topic for now.

Regarding your problem: It looks like you are using Cloudflare, so the following solution should work for you as well.


i tried that method but it seems to still havent fixed the issue

I was curious why there is an unusual number of reports related to Cloudflare issues lately, so I gave it a try myself. It seems to work quite well. All I had to do was change the DNS entry to “Proxied”, switch the SSL setting from “Flexible” to “Full (strict)”, add the cloudflare.template.yml to app.yml and rebuild the container.

:bulb: Click on the image – it is a rather large and long screenshot.

@Zyniker I didn’t have to switch to TLS 1.2. You might want to recheck your settings and see if something else is different.

@Noba Could you please try to rebuild your container again just to rule out any issues with that?

cd /var/discourse
git pull
./launcher rebuild app

You might also want to check the nginx error log. You can find it on the host at /var/discourse/shared/standalone/log/var-log/nginx/error.log