Error after cleaning tmp folder


I installed Discourse development environment with official guide on my MacOS. I changed plugin file and it warned me for “remove the TMP folder”. I cleaned tmp folder in Discourse and after that when i use that command Discourse doesn’t work: bundle exec rails server

Any idea?

This error means rails can’t talk to your postgresql server. Is your postgresql server running?


How i can check it? It worked before removing the tmp folder.

Depends on how you installed it.

I’m guessing you removed /tmp/ instead of tmp/? That’s kinda baaad…


I installed with that guide:

I cleaned up files and folders in TMP folder. So i cleaned tmp/? :slight_smile: But my operating system shows hidden files and folders. I must have deleted the hidden files and folders. Is it problem?

Here’s how to stop/start services with Homebrew


Do i start postgresql?

I restarted postgresql, but it still did not work.

This works for me.

rm /usr/local/var/postgres/

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